25 Positive and Inspirational Covid 19 Quotes and Sayings

We all need some positive and inspirational Covid 19 quotes and sayings during this hard time. Indeed 2020 is the year of misfortune, but with positive thoughts, wise actions and being an inspiration for other, we can all make it. Here are the most positive and inspirational Covid 19 quotes and sayings we have gathered for you to help in.

Inspirational Covid 19 Quotes

Inspirational Covid 19 Quotes

We belong to each other, and we can do hard things. ~Glennon Doyle

Conversations will not be cancelled.
Relationships will not be cancelled.
Love will not be cancelled.
Songs will not be cancelled.
Reading will not be cancelled.
Self-care will not be cancelled.
Hope will not be cancelled.
May we lean into the good stuff that remains.
~Jamie Tworkowski

I’m either coming out of this quarantine 50 lbs lighter or 100 lbs heavier, only time will tell. ~Chris Burns

We stay at work for you.
Please stay home for us! ~Covid19 Frontliners of the World

Your grandparents were called to war to save the world.
You are being asked to sit at home to save the world.
We can do this!! ~Tewin

Wash your hands carefully.
It’s up to you.
Use soap and warm water.
It’s easy to do.
Rinse them and while
we all sing this refrain,
germs from your hands
will slide right down the drain!
~Tish Rabe

One day this is going to be over — can you imagine that day? How we’ll come out into the sun and laugh and hug and sing and dance and hold hands? I’m living for that day. It’ll be like nothing we’ve experienced before. ~Glennon Doyle

If you’re out and you walk past someone it’s ok to still smile. It’s exactly what we all need right now. ~Jason Campbell

My quarantine schedule: 8 am – 10 pm: Take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity and spend an unprecedented amount of time with family. ~George Resch

And the world came together as the people stayed apart. ~Author unknown

A pandemic will lead to permanent social, economic, and cultural changes. The key is to create good from a bad situation. ~Wayne Gerard Trotman

China sent medical masks to Italy and wrote on the boxes a quote of a Roman poem: “We are waves from the same sea.” Japan had donated supplies to China, and wrote on the boxes a quote of a Chinese poem: “We have different mountains and rivers, but we share the same sun, moon, and sky.” ~Mohamad Safa

The sudden and near-constant stream of news reports about #COVID19 can cause anyone to feel worried. Get the FACTS; not the rumors and misinformation. Facts can help to minimize fear. ~World Health Organization

Debating where to go on holiday this year. I think maybe upstairs. ~Matt Haig

The best defense we currently have against this virus are the important mitigation efforts of wearing a mask, washing your hands, social distancing and being careful about crowds. ~Dr. Robert R. Redfield

As we practice social distancing, let’s not distance ourselves from books. They will keep us company and connect us back to people, back to society. ~Ibram X. Kendi

You don’t have to go to the party. Stay in with a book. Reading saves lives. ~Matt Haig

It seems ridiculous to me that people are so afraid that their children are going to miss a month of learning. How about using this month to teach them how to plant, cook, do taxes, basic first aid, handle stress, critical thinking, etc. Not all learning is done in a classroom. ~Mohamad Safa

Just a reminder that when Shakespeare was quarantined because of the plague, he wrote King Lear. ~Roseanne Cash

I think the reason Shakespeare managed to write King Lear while a plague was going on is primarily because he didn’t have Twitter. ~Matt Haig

After all the stupid things I’ve done in my life, hope I don’t die just because I touched my face. ~Unknown Author

To the nurses, doctors, epidemiologists, social workers, orderlies, researchers, and all the others around the world rushing in to combat the coronavirus at risk to their own health, thank you. You are heroes and we are all indebted to your service and sacrifice. You know who are also heroes? Those working the checkout counters and stocking shelves at supermarkets and pharmacies. Their work, at some risk to their own health, is vital to the health and safety of our country. ~Dan Rather

In light of current events, I hereby would like to nominate grocery store workers across the world for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. ~Keith Wynn

I think there has never been a better time to stay in than in this century. We have Netflix and books and home delivery and Skype and social media. If we can stay in, we absolutely should. We can delay this thing. We can get it down. And we will make our sacrifice on sofas. ~Matt Haig

If this virus has taught us anything it is the ominousness and the lack of common sense people will go to when desperate. Next time you want to judge refugees, boat people fleeing war torn land, camp people, migrants fleeing starvation — remember you fought over toilet paper. ~Mohamad Safa

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